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Asgard Alliance Forum (a gaming clan in

Postby Hermiod » 16 Aug 2008, 16:32

Hello everyone, i decided to show off my Asgard Forum but i want to to say something about Asgard Alliance, Asgard Alliance is one of many alliances in a web browser call ogame, Asgard Alliance is in Universe 20 of Ogame is popular space empire strategy game where you builds hundreds of thousand ships attack other player for profits or revenge or expand your empire, etc. Asgard Alliance was founded by Freyr to honor the Asgard from Stargate SG-1 tv show since they are extinct due to incurable genetic decay because of too much cloning, Asgard Alliance is open to everyone who are a stargate fan or want to get the best alliance who will to teach the newcomer about ogame etc.

I don't want to boring you with a long story of Asgard Alliance's history and how much progress we make in ogame but Asgard Alliance is top 41 Alliance in Uni 20 now :) << The web browser game we use to play >> <<Our Forum >>

You are welcome to check the forum i create but please do not create an account cause we are use the forum as method to communication and trade with other alliance in ogame. If you want to check out the ogame, i should warning you because ogame is very addict game which it can take over your life lol.

If you like ogame and want to join Asgard Alliance, we are in universe 20 ;)

Please leave a comment/question here so i will answer straight away instead

I spend a load of hard works into create this successful forum which are easy to find the threads or talks to another players or trade with another player in ogame and fix/add new stuff into the forum such a link to another forum use by our alliance/nap and create load of guides for ogame etc. I am really pleased that my forum is one of the top ten forum in PHPBBHOST forum :)

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