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PostPosted: 02 Apr 2012, 07:35
by sander
Forum backup
-You can get the backup of your database (sold at the upgrade page)
-Forum software you can download at
-Styles you can download at

Our backup policy:
-we use replication, so all databases are on 2 servers almost realtime.
Any admin/ user mistake (delete all posts) are also realtime on 2 servers.
-backup runs every 48 hours.


Help I need:
Database Server Hostname:
Database Username:
Database Password:
Database Name:

you have a backup from your database. So you can use every database you want except:
-you can't use our database!
-use your own database
-you can use any database but not from
-Yes you need to import the backup from your database in your own database.

But I really need acces to your database.
-It is not possible.
Only our webserver in the same datacentrum does have acces to the database.
Again: use your own database!

Buy your backup at the forum upgrade page.

Please post your question in our forum suppport topic