Link back to main site in banner/logo?

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Link back to main site in banner/logo?

Postby NattyFido » 13 Aug 2008, 02:30

NattyFido wrote:...
is it possible to put a link in the banner (or top menu)? I have done it when I was hosting my own phpBB2 forum by adding the link to the top menu (before FAQ, Search etc.).
KRB wrote:you would need coding acess to do that which only Gav has so its up to him

Could that feature be added so that everyone who administers a forum could add a link back to their main site, in the same way we can add our own title, description and logo etc.?
I haven't had a proper look at the phpBB3 scripts yet, but if its similar to phpBB2, then it would only mean adding another variable, database entry and option in the ACP, to implement it. It could either go in the menu, or the logo in the same way you have links on the banner at the top of this forum.
It would be far more elegant than the current way of doing it. - Traditional Shotokan Karate Association : Thanet - TSKA Thanet : Forum
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