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Superfan – Save with super efficient ceiling fans

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2015, 11:22
by superfan
Superfan, India’s First Super Efficient ceiling fans, saves more than 50% power compared to other fans without compromising on air delivery. Superfan comes with an elegant remote to control its five speeds and does not use a regulator. Superfan is manufactured in ten vibrant colours. Superfan speed does not change when the supply voltage varies. Because low power consumption Superfan runs twice longer on inverters without any extra noise or drop in speed. Superfan comes in three models and parts are powder coated for long life. Superfan comes with 5 years warranty and pays back for itself by reducing the electricity bill. The company aims at catering to all looking for energy saving as ceiling fans consume considerable power in every home. Its additional features like remote control, low & wide voltage operation and running twice longer & quietly with inverter should prompt more buyers. Ten exciting colours in each model are available to make homes beautiful. Superfan is available in two spans, 48” and 56” inches, for use in different sizes of rooms. Superfan saves energy at all speeds, 35W at high speed, 14W at medium speed and 4W at low speed with 56% to 66% savings compared to regular fans.
Superfan is available in three different Models - Super A1, Super X1/X7 and Super A1/A7.
Super A1: Leaves are inspired by the petals of flowers. Its wide leaves deliver abundant air even at low speeds and it runs quieter. It has 9-key remote that enables Super A1 to run in breeze mode and have fine control of speed. (Visit for more details)
Super X1/X7: Designed with real leaf-like curves that circulate air efficiently, it can run at express speeds that produce powerful gusts of air. Its 6-key remote helps to set five different speeds to deliver just the amount of air you desire. (Visit for more details)
Super V1/V7: Designed with long and wide leaves that circulate high amount of air efficiently. In it circulates air evenly to every nook and corner in large spaces. It comes with a 6-key remote to turn on/off Superfan and control its 5 speeds. (Visit for more details)

Superfan gets its super-efficiency from its patented Brushless DC (BLDC) motor having a highly reliable electronic drive. The electronic controller consists of a switched mode power supply, an inverter, and a micro-controller based control system with firmware to control the motor and is embedded within the BLDC motor ( Visit for more details) for better control and protection. This electronic controller detects the rotor position and ensures a reliable start to ceiling fan eliminating the requirement of sensors, resulting in a cost effective and reliable design. Superfan can be operate without a remote also by using the on/off switch normally provided for the fans on the switchboard.

The controller detects over-voltage, over-load and under-voltage conditions and shut down to protect the motor. The controller has circuitry to reduce the harmonics and maintain good power factor. Superfan can run at the set speed for wide voltage range of 140 to 300Vac. When regular fan would not start, Superfan can run at top speed. In regular ceiling fans, the motor get heated after running for a while and starts delivering warm air, whereas Superfan's motor heats up very little and thereby always delivers cool air. It is easy to install a Superfan as it follows the wiring as regular ceiling fans. Superfan is a good investment as the savings in the electricity bill much higher than bank's interest.

Buy Superfan (Visit for online purchase), Save Energy, Save Money and Live Happily.

Sundar Muruganandhan,
Managing Director,
Save energy with "Superfan" - India's first super-efficient ceiling fan

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PostPosted: 23 Feb 2015, 18:39
by Engineer of Stuff
An ad? Really?

Re: Superfan – Save with super efficient ceiling fans

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2017, 07:41
by ispita
There is also another brand in the market which I am using. It is called Gorilla Fan.
This is super efficient, use BLDC motor and is very quiet.

You can get more info here.

Re: Superfan – Save with super efficient ceiling fans

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2017, 04:12
by ambitz

Re: Superfan – Save with super efficient ceiling fans

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by paylituzu